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Many Ways to Help: Volunteer, Donate, Attend!

Gala Celebration on May 2, 2020: Twenty Years in America!

How to Help

Here are Some Ways to Help: Volunteer, Donate, Tell Your Friends, Attend!

  • Gala Host ($10,000)  As a host you will be acknowledged on the invitation and will have a reserved table at the Gala Celebration.

  • Table Host ($1750) Purchase a table for 10 people including cocktails and a family-style dinner, and enjoy the stories of survival and renewal told by the South Sudanese.

  • Gala Sponsor ($100,000-$500)

  • Gala Attendee ($175) Enjoy this wonderful event of dinner, stirring and inspiring stories and socializing.

  • Contribute to the Silent Auction
    Do you have a house or cabin somewhere that you could donate for a week? How about a service that someone might love to have? What can you offer that everyone else would want?? Consider talking to us about a silent auction item! So far we have a painting by the ever-popular Amy Weiss, a toy chest painted by artist Mary Steckschulte, an African quilt made by master quilter Tricia Deck—and that’s just for starters!   

  • Help us spread the message of the journey from “Lost Boys” to Men and Wives and Children. Please pass along the names of new friends and organizations.

A Message from SSEF’s Co-Chairs of the Board

Celebrating 20 years in America…The Journey Continues


On May 2 , 2020, South Sudanese Enrichment for Families (SSEF) is hosting a gala to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the arrival of the “Lost Boys” in Massachusetts. “The Lost Boys and Girls” came here as courageous survivors of the genocide in South Sudan followed by a decade in a Kenyan refugee camp. Each and every one of us were separated from our parents and families since childhood. Only recently have some of us been able to reconnect with families and villages in South Sudan, marry, and start families of our own.

The proceeds from the celebration of this momentous milestone will fund four vitally important SSEF programs serving South Sudanese refugees, their wives and children:
1) scholarships for preschool, 2) scholarships for sleep away summer-camp, 3) literacy and services for women, 4) Saturday Bridges Program. As our generational journey continues your contribution matters greatly.

On this 20th Anniversary, for old and new times’ sake, please join us in celebration! Hear everyone’s full stories, rejoice in their new lives, and share the joy with everyone who has helped along the way!

We welcome your support!

On behalf of all our colleagues at SSEF, thank you.

Mangok Bol and Oriela Jonathan
Co-Chairs of the Board of Directors