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Saturday Bridges - FAQ

Whole-family programming & community connections

The Bridges Program - Saturday Bridges FAQ

How do I register to participate in Saturday Bridges?
Complete the online Registration Form. Be sure to include full names of all participants and phone numbers to reach you.  Also, if another adult will be accompanying your child to Saturday Bridges, please include their name and phone number.

Can I meet privately with a tutor or mentor?
Any South Sudanese who want to meet with a volunteer alone for budgeting, reading and writing or just talking must sign up with Susan Winship. Please call or email and we will find you an individual to work with.

Can I “drop in” if I want to?
Adults can “drop in” to the Adult Programs, but you need to sign up ahead of time if you want a volunteer to work with you. We regret that we cannot accommodate anyone outside the Sudanese Community.  There is no “drop in” for children ages 5 and up at Drumlin Farm. We have to be able to plan for attendance--so complete the registration form and come!

What if I sign-up but I can’t go?
Please text Susan by 10 AM Saturday if you or your children cannot attend a program:  781-424-8774

How do I get there?
There will be a bus in Lynn to pick you up. Susan will be in touch with families from Worcester to provide details about transportation from there.  Listen for CallEmAll notifications (texts and voice messages) for information each week. By Bus from Lynn:  1:00 PM pick up at Stop & Shop and 7/11 on Essex Street.
Please let us know if you plan to come by bus and how many of you there will be.  Call:  781-424-8774. You may also drive yourself. The address is 6 Ballfield Rd., Lincoln, MA. All programs start at The Hartwell Campus of the Lincoln Schools. Signs will direct you where to park and check-in.

What if I am hungry?
There will be snack time for the children and adults. There will be tea for adults in their Program Area. Please pack a snack if your children have special diets--we cannot accommodate these.  There will be no eating or drinking allowed on the bus.

What about the weather?
Dress for the weather- if it is raining hard the children will not go to Drumlin Farm. Instead they’ll go to the Lincoln School Gym. The bus driver will tell you about this change. You’ll also get a text and voice message via CallEmAll.

What should the kids wear when they go to Drumlin Farm?
If possible the kids should dress warmly. They should wear boots or closed toed shoes. Wear a rain coat on days it rains. Please let us know if you need to borrow these clothes!

Why does SSEF do this?
SSEF has collected data from the South Sudanese. The South Sudanese Community has shared that there needs to be a place where everyone gets together. This is the place! Also there is a strong feeling that education is important. SSEF educates the whole family at this program. We are here for you and want to do what is helpful. Please let us know what we can do to be better at this!