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Saturday Bridges - Reading Initiative

Whole-family programming & community connections

Saturday Bridges - Reading Initiative


SSEF knows that the South Sudanese feel that education is very important. Reading prepares children for school, builds critical thinking, and strengthens  learning skills.  Beyond that, stories are fun and expand your horizons!

How Does the Get Hooked on Books Reading Initiative Work?

  1. You (and any of your family members) will go to the Library and fill out the Library Scavenger Hunt Form. Once it’s complete, ask a Librarian to sign it.
  2. Each person who participates in Get Hooked on Books must read five times per week for at least 10 minutes each day.  You can read alone—or be read to—or read to others. The title and author of the books you read need to be recorded on the Reading Log.
  3. Bring the Reading Log and the Library Scavenger Hunt Form with you to the last Saturday Bridges Program on May 19, 2018. If you cannot come to the Saturday Bridges Program you may send the Library Scavenger Hunt and the Reading Log by May 16, 2018 as follows:

By e-mail:
By US mail:   SSEF PO Box 492; Lincoln MA 01773                            
By Text Message: text clear photos of your forms to 781-322-0063

Each person who participates in Get Hooked on Books by completing all 3 Steps will:

  • begin (or continue!) a love affair with reading!
  • learn about great resources offered at your local Library!
  • earn a Certificate in your name for getting Hooked on Books!
  • get one $25 gift card per family if one or all family members participate!

This should be FUN!  Enjoy—and call with any questions!