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Summer Program - Resources

Why Should I Send My Child to Camp?
This is an excellent and reasonable question!  If you've never attended summer camp yourself, how would you know? Check out Audrey Monke's article, "10 Reasons Great Parents Choose Summer Camp for Their Kids" (and while you're on her website, explore other resources about camp and parenting!).

Packing for Camp: A Few Good Tips
Camps generally send out packing lists with excellent recommendations on what to pack.  They understand the needs of their campers and their activities, so it's best to refer to these lists above all else. Here are packing lists for SSEF Partner Camps:   Camp Merrowvista, and Camp Calumet.  Also, Sunshine Parenting provides some good advice on not just what to pack, but how to pack (hint: make sure your kids are involved!)

What About Homesickness?
Michael Thompson, Ph.D. is a psychologist specializing in children and families based in Arlington. MA. In his book, Homesick and Happy, he explores how children who are away from their parents at camp can be both homesick and happy, cautious and successful, nervous and excited. When kids go to camp—for a week or more—they can experience some of the greatest maturation of their lives, and return more independent, strong, and healthy because they’ve had the opportunity to tap into their own strengths and capacities. If you need some help with finding the right words of encouragement for a homesick camper, Sunshine Parenting also offers some wise advice.

Letters from Home
If there is one thing campers love, it's getting letters from home.  In fact, if your camper is only going to be at camp for one week, it's a good idea to write and mail a letter a few days before they head-off to camp--that way they'll receive it on one of their first days away. Check out these tips on writing letters to camp--it's easy to do, and your camper will cherish receiving a special message in the mail from you!