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News and Events

Anna Ornstein Returns to Saturday Bridges on May 12, 2018

My Mother's Eyes Anna Ornstein.jpg

After a rich discussion at Saturday Bridges on April 28, Anna Ornstein returns to continue the conversation.

What is it restart your life as a newcomer to America? What is it to straddle two cultures? How do we cultivate joy when we've experienced great hardship? What is it to be a survivor? How do we discuss these issues with our children? What is the value of stories, and who do we choose to share them with?  Why does community matter? These and other questions form the basis of reflection, listening, and sharing. (We are unable to accommodate guests outside the South Sudanese Community at this session)

Anna Ornstein recently published her memoir which is available on Amazon. She is a Holocaust survivor who emigrated to the U.S.  She rarely spoke of the experiences she suffered while a young girl.  Through her family's support and from stories shared over many years of Passover Seders, Ornstein shares her experiences in My Mother's Eyes, in hopes of keeping the nightmare from ever happening again.

Carolyn Montie